Second Hundred Questions

  1. Who made the prophecy about a meat-eating animal would eat straw?
  2. What men blamed a beast for the evil that they had done?
  3. Who taught to be as "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves"?
  4. Who talked about a hen and chickens?
  5. Who changed dust into lice?
  6. Who said every kind of beast and bird had been tamed by man?
  7. What mountain was so sacred that if an animal touched it that animal was put to death?
  8. To what animal are both Jesus and the devil compared?
  9. Who found frogs on their beds and in their ovens?
  10. Who said "a living dog is better than a dead lion"?
  11. Who went forty days on the strength of two meals?
  12. Who had fish for breakfast by a seaside?
  13. The Hebrews were allowed to sell some food to foreigners, but not allowed to eat it themselves.   What was it?
  14. What persons had food from heaven and did not like it?
  15. How many did Jesus feed with two fish!
  16. What prophet was fed by birds?
  17. What widow ate parched corn?
  18. Who kissed a beautiful maiden and then wept?
  19. Who had reeds wrapped about his head?
  20. How does the Bible say a man wipes a dish?
  21. Which of the twelve was first to be murdered?
  22. What and when did Jesus sing?
  23. What book of the Bible ends with a threat to any who would add to or take from it?
  24. Who talks about a schoolmaster?
  25. Did the devil ever quote scripture?
  26. What psalm has four verses alike?
  27. Where else in the Bible will you find the eighteenth psalm?
  28. What queen was deposed for refusing to obey her drunken husband?
  29. In what church was there a woman so bad that she was called Jezebel?
  30. Give three other names for Peter.
  31. Who was a mighty hunter?
  32. What city did God come down to see?
  33. Who built the first city and what was its name?
  34. Who saw a city coming down out of heaven?
  35. From what city did Paul escape in a basket?
  36. What was Bethel once called?
  37. What city is called "the city of palm trees"?
  38. What woman was ninety years old when she gave birth to a son?
  39. What preacher taught another preacher against "science falsely so called"?
  40. Who was the oldest man?
  41. Who caught 153 "great fish"? Where? When?
  42. Give three other names for this body of water.
  43. Who killed a thousand men with the jaw-bone of an ass?
  44. Who drove furiously?
  45. Who was a hairy hunter?
  46. Is a pulpit mentioned in the Bible?
  47. Who was the first Christian martyr?
  48. What preacher was angry when his preaching converted a city?
  49. Who fell asleep during a long sermon?
  50. Whose ear was cut off by a sword?
  51. How many brothers and sisters did Jesus have?
  52. What two Old Testament men loved each other "passing the love of women"?
  53. What son fell on his father's neck?
  54. What father fell on his son's neck?
  55. Whose lips were touched by a live coal?
  56. How old was Noah at the time of the flood?
  57. How long did Noah live after the flood?
  58. Who wanted a drink from a certain well and refused it when brought?
  59. Who disguised himself successfully from his own brothers?
  60. Name three famous heads of hair in the Bible.
  61. What preacher had a Jewess mother and a Greek father?
  62. Who said that whoever called another a fool was in danger of hell fire?
  63. Who thought Jesus was John Baptist back from the dead?
  64. What people did Paul say were always liars?
  65. What was done with Judas's thirty pieces of silver?
  66. What apostle was shipwrecked three times?
  67. Who said that young widows are prone to gossip?
  68. Who sat under a juniper tree and prayed to die?
  69. Of whom did Jesus say no man was greater?
  70. How much older was John than Jesus?
  71. How often should we forgive according to Jesus?
  72. What disciple of Christ was a rich man?
  73. Is the book of Hezekiah in the Old Testament or New?
  74. Of what material was Noah's ark made?
  75. Of what man was it said that he slew more men in his death than he did in his life?
  76. Who was "a cake not turned"?
  77. Who were Mahlon and Chilion?
  78. What was the name of Jacob's daughter?
  79. What was the other name of Dorcas?
  80. Who helped Jesus bear his cross?
  81. Who was the disciple whom Jesus loved?
  82. Who climbed a tree to see Jesus?
  83. Who was turned to a pillar of salt?
  84. Who gave his consent to the murder of Stephen?
  85. Who were with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration?
  86. Who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem?
  87. Who killed Goliath?
  88. How many wise men came from the East to see Jesus ?
  89. Does the Bible say these Wise Men rode on camels?
  90. How many of the healed lepers returned to thank Jesus?
  91. In what book of the Bible will you find these words: "Blessed is he that readeth"?
  92. Who baptized the Ethiopian eunuch?
  93. How many Psalms are there?
  94. At whose house were "many gathered together praying"?
  95. Who "used sorcery and bewitched the people"?
  96. Who was the father of John the Baptist?
  97. What disciple was chosen to take the place of Judas?
  98. Of what tribe was Jesus?
  99. Who was cast into a den of lions?
  100. Can you quote the first verse of the Bible?
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