First Hundred Questions

  1. Who set fire to three hundred foxes' tails?
  2. What Hebrew served a quick lunch under a tree?
  3. Who said, "Is there any taste in the white of an egg?"
  4. When did four vegetarians win a young men's beauty contest?
  5. What hungry man cursed a fruitless fig tree?
  6. Where does it tell about a shore dinner for eight persons?
  7. Who killed his brother for humbling his sister?
  8. What woman tried to seduce a handsome young slave?
  9. Who had three hundred concubines?
  10. Who had camel's-hair clothes?
  11. Who inherited Elijah's mantle?
  12. What prophet was a hairy man and wore a leather belt?
  13. What boy had a variegated coat?
  14. Who had a seamless coat?
  15. What woman made her little son a coat every year?
  16. What woman made a pair of kid gloves for her son ?
  17. Who sewed leaves together to make aprons?
  18. Where are women praised for their long hair?
  19. Who took off his shoe to bind a contract?
  20. Whose shoes lasted forty years without wearing out?
  21. Where is it stated that a man should be ashamed to wear long hair?
  22. Aprons from what man's body were used to cure the sick ?
  23. Who said, "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump"?
  24. Who broke three hundred pitchers?
  25. Who were complained of because they did not wash their hands before meals?
  26. Who slept on an iron bedstead over thirteen feet long?
  27. Who was the first drunkard and how long did he live?
  28. When were the apostles accused of being drunk?
  29. What was the penalty for working on the Sabbath ?
  30. Who had his wages changed ten times?
  31. What preacher earned his living as a tentmaker?
  32. What two lawyers are mentioned by name?
  33. Who was the first city-builder?
  34. What physician was an author?
  35. What song-composer is credited with a thousand and five songs?
  36. Who was the first person killed?
  37. Who was buried in a cave with his wife?
  38. What two Hebrews were embalmed by Egyptians?
  39. Who accidentally hanged himself in a tree?
  40. What dressmaker was raised from the dead?
  41. At whose death did an earthquake occur?
  42. Who was hanged on a gallows he had prepared for another?
  43. Who fell off a seat and broke his neck?
  44. What blind man killed three thousand at a religious feast?
  45. What prophet cursed little children for calling him names?
  46. What blind man kissed his two grandsons?
  47. Who sold their young brother into slavery?
  48. What slave boy became ruler of the land?
  49. Where is a long description of a perfect wife?
  50. What one cause for divorce did Jesus recognize?
  51. Who deceived his son-in-law by substituting the bride's older sister on the wedding night?
  52. Who worked seven years to earn a wife?
  53. Who said, "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing"?
  54. Who advised young widows to marry?
  55. What father and son passed off their wives as their sisters?
  56. Who advised wives to be subject to their husbands in everything?
  57. What town clerk quieted a riot?
  58. How many proverbs did Solomon speak?
  59. Who said he would chastise his people with scorpions for whips?
  60. Who told a riddle about a lion?
  61. Who made an iron axe-head swim?
  62. What is the shortest verse in the New Testament?
  63. What is the longest psalm?
  64. What is the shortest psalm?
  65. What books in the Bible do not contain the name of God?
  66. Who prayed inside a fish?
  67. What mob shouted one sentence two hours?
  68. What two disciples did Jesus nickname "Sons of Thunder"?
  69. What disciples were mistaken for Jupiter and Mercury?
  70. Who cut his hair once a year?
  71. What king made a speech and was immediately eaten of worms?
  72. What sorcerer was struck with blindness?
  73. What two men walked on the water?
  74. Who held a conversation with an ass?
  75. What king's knees knocked together for fright?
  76. What king's hand dried up?
  77. What king committed suicide by falling on his sword?
  78. What king lay all night on the ground when his son was sick?
  79. What king consulted a spiritistic medium and was punished by death?
  80. What wicked queen had a daughter who was a wicked queen?
  81. What queen was devoured by dogs?
  82. What queen gave what king an intelligence test of many questions in which he made a perfect grade?
  83. What New Testament book is a letter written to a lady?
  84. Who said it was better to live on the roof than with a quarrelsome woman?
  85. What woman in silent prayer was thought by a priest to be intoxicated?
  86. Whose daughter stole her father's idols and sat on them.
  87. What was Eve's other name?
  88. What girl dancer caused a murder?
  89. Who told angels to wash their feet?
  90. What archangel debated with the deal?
  91. What disciple was called "Satan" by Jesus?
  92. What man and his nephew both entertained angels unawares?
  93. What animal saw an angel?
  94. Who transferred devils from men to animals?
  95. What was Daniel's other name?
  96. What ruler of Israel sacrificed his daughters as a burnt offering to God?
  97. What noted Hebrew had a magic cup for divination ?
  98. Who prayed for rain?
  99. Who prayed that it might not rain?
  100. What city was built with two human sacrifices?
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