Twelfth Hundred Questions

  1. To what kind of Rose is Jesus likened?
  2. What apostle rebuked another apostle publicly?
  3. What man said he was ready to be bound and to die for the name of Jesus?
  4. What is known as "The Shepherd Psalm"?
  5. Can you repeat this Psalm?
  6. Who was Paul's great teacher?
  7. What faith did Paul preach?
  8. What chapter would one read to learn the danger of preaching "another gospel"?
  9. What is spoken of in the Bible as "our school-master"?
  10. Did Paul encourage brethren to observe days, months, and years?
  11. Who spoke about becoming someone's enemy because he told the truth?
  12. Who made the angels?
  13. Will the faithful become angels?
  14. Can angels sin?
  15. Are angels greater than men?
  16. Is it right to worship angels?
  17. What New Testament writer used the expression, "verily, verily," about twenty-five times?
  18. Who bore in his body "the marks of the Lord Jesus"?
  19. Who said: "Let the dead bury the dead"?
  20. How many questions in the Bible?
  21. There are about 2,000,000,000 lost souls in the world. If they stood three feet apart how many times would they circle the globe at the equator?
  22. Did the children of Israel give a tenth?
  23. Where is the prophecy: "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel"?
  24. Jesus said: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock." Was that spoken to outsiders?
  25. Is the word "disciples" in the Old Testament?
  26. Quote Isa. 9:6.
  27. Who said: "All that a man hath will he give for his life"?
  28. Repeat Ps. 133:1.
  29. Who prayed the longest recorded prayer in the New Testament?
  30. Repeat Matt. 5:44.
  31. Who asked: "Watchman, what of the night?"
  32. Who preached the first gospel sermon?
  33. When was the church established?
  34. Was Jesus a Nazarite or a Nazarene?
  35. Where do we read about "the valley of the shadow of death"?
  36. Who succeeded Moses?
  37. How long were the children of Israel in the wilderness?
  38. Who was Cephas?
  39. What four books record the life of Christ?
  40. In five words give the plan of salvation.
  41. Into whose home did Jesus invite himself?
  42. Who was in "a strait betwixt two"?
  43. Who "fell on sleep" after "he had served his own generation"?
  44. Who said: "No man cared for my soul"?
  45. How many miles from Bethlehem to Calvary?
  46. Who wrote about a "rock in a weary land"?
  47. Where is the verse that plainly states that Christians have been translated into the kingdom of Christ?
  48. Who wrote: "Touch not; taste not; handle not"?
  49. To what does the above refer?
  50. Which is the longest book in the New Testament?
  51. Which is the shortest book in the New Testament?
  52. Does the Bible teach that the earth is round?
  53. Who was "the beloved physician"?
  54. Of what church was it said they "sounded out the word of the Lord"?
  55. Who buried Jesus?
  56. Who was a secret disciple of Christ?
  57. Who "went in boldly unto Pilate, and craved the body of Jesus"?
  58. Who said: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"?
  59. Who said "but one thing is needful," and to whom was it said?
  60. Where find the qualifications of elders and deacons?
  61. Who climbed a tree to see Jesus?
  62. What chapter was the Ethiopian eunuch reading?
  63. Quote Isa. 55:7.
  64. Quote Isa. 55:8, 9.
  65. Who said: "Tabitha, arise"?
  66. Quote Jer. 8:20.
  67. Who should take care of dependent widows?
  68. Should we rebuke an elder?
  69. Are there any members of the church worse than infidels?
  70. Should the church support all dependent widows?
  71. What should young widows do?
  72. Is it scriptural to support an elder?
  73. Who refreshed Paul often and was not ashamed of his chain?
  74. Who wished that his head were waters and his eyes a fountain of tears?
  75. "0 Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself." Where found?
  76. What is Crete?
  77. Who were "liars, evil beasts, slow bellies"?
  78. What great Christian had learned how to be filled and hungry, and how to abound and be in want?
  79. Is it right to speak of our gifts for the needy as sacrifices to God?
  80. Who is the author of the doctrine of the "second mile"?
  81. Narne a prominent slave who became a Christian.
  82. Who was his master?
  83. Who said: "I will go and see him before I die"?
  84. What New Testament book contains this command: "Earnestly contend for the faith"?
  85. Was Isaiah married?
  86. Quote Eph. 5:18,19.
  87. What famous harlot is mentioned in the Bible?
  88. When did the sun go down at noon?
  89. Who said: "Behold the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb?"
  90. Who wrote: "There shall be showers of blessings"?
  91. Who had the vision of deepening waters?
  92. Who was Belteshazzar?
  93. Where is the sabbath first mentioned?
  94. To what nation were the ten commandments given?
  95. Were the Gentiles under the ten commandments?
  96. Between whom was the sabbath a sign?
  97. Did God mean for the old law to last forever?
  98. What was written on the tables of stone?
  99. Fill blanks: "Jesus took away the _____  that he might _____  the second.
  100. Fill blanks: The law containing the sabbath _____ _____ and _____ to the cross.
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