Welcome to the Bible Page!  We have two different versions of the Bible for you to read from:  King James Version & American Standard Version.  To make your study of the Bible more thorough we have made it so you can switch back and forth between versions to compare texts..  Just click on the name of the book and chapter or just click on the verse you are reading from and it will switch over to the other version.  There is also a word or phrase search below.  If you can search the King James Version or the American Standard by Selecting the correct index below.  We hope this will help further  your study of God's word.  To get started, just choose which version you would like to begin with below.

King James Version

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We have also added some study material for you to read.  One article explains the different versions of the Bible and why most of them are not  good reading material in the study of God's word.  The other article is a explanation on how the Bible should be interpreted and translated.  We believe it would benefit everyone to read what these authors have to say.  Click below to choose the article you would like to read.

New Translations
"What Is Wrong With Them?"

New Hermeneutic