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    Bible Call is a Free Public Service Religious Information Library consisting of hundreds of five-minute recorded messages on a wide variety of Bible subjects.

    The material was carefully researched and written by over one hundred prominent religious leaders from across the nation.

    The Bible Call Library makes it possible for anyone wishing to study the Bible to locate information on almost any important topic quickly and accurately.

    Since Bible Call is now completely automated, it is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Just call the number listed above from any Touch-Tone phone and follow the instructions given.

    Select the subjects you would like to hear from the list below and request each topic by its number.

110    Overcoming Worry
111    Loneliness And What To Do About It
112    God's Answer For Guilt
114    Temptations And How To Face Them
115    Overcoming Depression
118    Drugs In Your Life
119    What About Smoking?
120    Courage To Overcome Trouble
121    Facing The Storms Of Life
122    How To Help Yourself Become Better
123    The Devil Made Me Do It
124    Take A Look At Your Honesty
125    Depressed?  Life Can Be Meaningful
126    The Secret Of Contentment
127    Choosing Christian Recreation
128    Grudges
129    Pressure
130    Getting The Best Out Of Ourselves

201    Why Does God Allow Trouble?
202    How To Help Those Who Are Suffering
203    Facing An Operation
204    Living With Illness
205    Strength Through Sorrow
206    The Danger Of Rash Decisions
207    Money Can't Buy Happiness
208    Things That Bring Happiness
209    Death - Part 1
210    Death - Part 2
211    Revenge Is Not So Sweet
212    Christians Under Persecution
213    The Blessing Of Not Knowing
214    Accepting The Death Of A Loved One
215    Facing Persecution
216    The Power Of Satan In Your Life
217    Racial Prejudice
218    The Consequence of Sin
219    Death Of An Infant
220    How Does A Christian Handle A Cancer Operation?
221    When Silence Is Sinful
223    Discouragement
224    Guilt
225    Worry
226    Are You Thinking About Suicide?
227    Some Sober Reflections On Death
228    Joy Of Living

301    What Must I Do To Be Saved?
302    Examples Of Conversion
303    Grace
304    Are We Saved By Faith Only?
305    Faith And Works
306    Repentance
307    Confession Of Faith in Christ
308    What Is Baptism?
309    Why Be Baptized?
310    Who Should Be Baptized?
311    What If I Have Been Baptized Unscripturally?
312    How Do You Know You Have Been Saved?
313    Is Obedience Necessary?
314    That's Just Your Interpretation
315    Is Everyone Entitled To His Own Belief?
316    Is Sincerity Enough?
317    What About The Thief On The Cross?
318    Is Conscience A Safe Guide?
319    For What Should An Alien Sinner Pray?
320    Almost Persuaded To Be A Christian
321    The Holy Spirit - Part 1
322    The Holy Spirit - Part 2
323    Why Be A Christian?
324    The Crucifixion
325    How Can Man Be Justified With God?
326    A Way That Is Right And Cannot Be Wrong
327    Is Church Membership Essential?
328    Why Jesus Came
329    Do People Really See Visions Today?
330    The New Birth
331    Repent or Perish
332    God Is Calling You
333    Does It Matter What We Believe As Long As We Are Honest?
334    Should I Have My Baby Baptized?
335    The Holy Spirit In Conversion
336    The Truth Shall Make You Free
337    Born-Again Christians
338    Original (Inherited) Sin
339    Who Is This Man Jesus?

401    Key Words In Producing A Happy Home
402    Don't Take Your Wife For Granted
403    Love
404    Sex In Marriage
405    Divorce:  Is It Really The Answer?
406    Eight Causes Of Divorce
407    Divorce And Remarriage
408    God's Unchanging Law On Marriage And Divorce
409    Help For A Troubled Marriage
410    Birth Control
411    Juvenile Delinquency - Part 1
412    Juvenile Delinquency - Part 2
413    Juvenile Delinquency - Part 3
414    Discipline - Alternative To Tragedy
415    Effective Discipline - Part 1
416    Effective Discipline - Part 2
417    The Home:  Responsibilities Of Husbands
418    The Home:  Responsibilities Of Wives
419    The Home:  The Responsibilities of Parents
420    The Home:  Responsibilities of Children
421    Battered Wives
422    Divorced Women's Work In The Church
423    Strengthening Your Marriage
427    Authority In The Home
428    Motherhood
429    The Disobedient Child
430    Responsibility To Our Parents
432    When To Let Your Children Go
434    Teenage Dating:  For Parents
435    The Home - Its Relationships
436    Keys To Understanding Our Children
438    Solving Family Problems
439    Training Your Child In The Bible
440    Teaching My Child To Work
441    How To Show Your Children You Love Them
442    The Godly Woman
443    God's Law Of Marriage
444    God's Law of Divorce
445    Twelve Commandments For Husbands

501    Inspiration Of The Bible
502    Authority In Religion
503    Is The Bible God's Only Inspired Revelation?
504    How To Study The Bible
505    Can You Really Prove "Anything" By The Bible?
506    The Ten Commandments - Part 1
507    The Ten Commandments - Part 2
508    The Bible
509    The Book That Survived Stands Alone
511    Truth
512    Purposes Of The Old And New Testaments
513    Is Doctrine Important?
514    History As Seen Through The Bible
515    Can Ordinary People Understand The Bible?
516    All Sufficiency Of The Bible
517    What Is Truth
518    Importance Of Right Doctrine
519    The Bible And Claims Of Later Revelation
520    How To Understand The Bible
521    Is There A Pattern?
522    Do We Really Have The Bible Today?
523    Did The Bible Come From God Or From Man?
524    The Old Testament

550    Ten Practical Suggestions on Prayer
551    Acceptable Prayer
552    The Sabbath Or The Lord's Day - Which?
553    The Importance Of Preaching
554    The Lord's Supper
555    Should The Lord's Supper Be Observed Every Sunday?
556    Instrumental Music In Worship
557    Acceptable Giving
558    Will A Man Rob God?
559    The Proper Form of Prayer
560    Whose Prayer Will God Hear?

601    When & Where Did The New Testament Church Begin
602    Why Are There So Many Different Churches?
603    Choosing A Church
604    Becoming A Member Of The New Testament Church
605    Church Organization
606    Qualifications Of Elders And Deacons
607    The Church:  Is Attendance Essential?
608    Hypocrites In The Church
609    Unity Or A Return To the Original Church?
610    Which Is The Right Church?
611    How Is The Church Identified?
614    Creeds - A Source Of Disunity
615    The Government Of The New Testament Church
616    What Does The Bible Say About The Clergy & Laity?
618    Christ - Yes!  The Church - No!
619    The Church In Prophecy
620    The Church In Fulfillment
621    History Of The New Testament Church
622    The New Testament Church Restored
623    The Church:  Terms Of Entrance
624    How Many Churches Did Jesus Build?
625    God's Appointed Saints
627    Importance of Religious Unity
628    Attainment of Religious Unity

651    When Jesus Comes Again
652    The Rapture
653    The End Of The World
654    The Final Resurrection
655    The Judgment Day
656    What It Means To Be Lost
657    What Is Hell Like?
658    Heaven

701    God Or Matter - Which?
702    Evolution And The Bible
703    Theistic Evolution
704    Evolution - What Do The Fossils Say?
705    A List Of Books & Articles On Evolution & The Bible
706    Scientific Accuracy Of The Bible
707    Scientific Humanism - Part 1
708    Scientific Humanism - Part 2

750    The Tragedy Of Disbelieving
751    Was Christ Actually Raised From The Dead?
752    Jesus In History
753    The Testimony Of The Early Martyrs
754    Does God Really Exist?
755    Evidence Of God:  Fulfilled Prophecy
756    Evidence Of God:  Scientific Foreknowledge
757    Evidence Of God:  Design And Order
759    Effects Of The Bible
761    Christ In Prophecy
763    Archaeology:  Recent Old Testament Discoveries
764    Why Christianity In Preference To Other Religions?

801    Making The Most Of Your Life
802    Early Marriage - Part 1
803    Early Marriage - Part 2
804    What About Marijuana?
805    When Young People Leave Home
806    Facing The Problems On A College Campus
807    Cheating In School
809    You Can Go Home - Part 1
810    You Can Go Home - Part 2
811    Going Steady
813    Planning For Marriage

851    The Beautiful Queen of Persia
853    The Making Of A Leader
854    Asking About The Lord's Supper
855    Do What You Can Do Now
856    Remember Thy Creator? Part 1
857    When To Remember Thy Creator Part 2
858    Why Remember Thy Creator? Part 3
859    What It Means To Remember Thy Creator Part 4
860    Young Daniel
861    What Daniel Could Have Done
862    The Correct Choice of Associates
863    How To Tell When You Have Grown Up
864    The Church You Can Understand

901    Sex Before Marriage
902    Situation Ethics:  Does Love Make Our Wrongs Right?
903    Are You Thinking Of Having An Affair?
904    The Sin Of Adultery
905    Living Together
906    Homosexuality
907    Abortion - Part 1
908    Abortion - Part 2
909    What Is Wrong With Gambling?
910    Stealing - Lying - Cheating
911    Is It Right To Dance?
912    Cursing:  Profanity
913    Pornography

950    Exorcism And Demon Possession
955    The Purpose Of Miracles
956    The Duration Of Miracles
957    Who Could Work Miracles?
958    What Does The Bible Say About Capital Punishment?
959    Snake Handling
960    Jonah And The Whale
961    Sanctification
965    Life After Death
966    Early Christian Persecution
967    Miracles - A Definition
968    Bible's Promise Of Heaven
969    Fasting And The Christian
970    What Is Satan Really Like?