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     I have been privileged to know the author of this work personally some five years, and much longer than that by his reputation as a writer. I have found him to be a man of knowledge and experience and my respect for him grows each day. The readers of this volume might be interested in a short biography of its writer.
     James William Boyd was born April 15, 1930 to Bowling Briggs and Katherine Louise Boyd. On January 14, 1940 he was born into the Lord's Kingdom by baptism. He came from a rich heritage, having a father who served as a deacon and elder at the old Donelson, Tennessee church which was established by the author's grandfather, Dr. William Boyd, and great grandfather, Dr. E.E. Buchanan.
      The rich heritage of this family is continued through the family of the author. He married the former Rosalyn Lee Hale in March, 1952, the daughter of Clyde and Christine Hale (Brother Hale preached the gospel for nearly sixty years.). From this union came four precious children: one daughter, Amy Hagewood, three sons, Bill, Stephen, and Sam. The three oldest are all married, and each of them faithful Christians. This legacy of this family carries on. Brother Boyd is the grandfather to some eight little ones. With such a family it is no wonder that one of his favorite verses is, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." (III John 4).
      In addition to his family background, the author is well-trained academically. He attended David Lipscomb University; graduated with a B.A. degree from Vanderbilt University (cum laude); and did graduate work at Indiana University, Harding Graduate School of Religion, completing the M.A. degree from Alabama Christian School of Religion.
      The author has been deeply involved for many years in the Lord's work of preaching and teaching the gospel. He started preaching in June, 1952, in Dekalb County, Tennessee with the encouragement of J. Roy Vaughan. Since that time he has served with churches in Nashville, Tennessee; South Bend, Indiana; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Jacksonville, Alabama; Jackson, Tennessee; Tupelo, Mississippi; Rock Island, Tennessee; and is currently serving the East End church of Christ in McMinnville, Tennessee. Also during these years he taught daily Bible classes in the Boyd-Buchanan School in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Jackson Christian School in Jackson, Tennessee. He preaches some six to ten gospel meetings each year along with speaking on lectureships, radio, television, and writes articles for several brotherhood publications. Perhaps one of his most ambitious projects is the publication of A BURNING FIRE, a monthly publication in which his sermons are put in manuscript form. This publication is now in its eleventh year and is scheduled to extend to seventeen volumes.
      I consider it an honor to introduce you to the author of this book and invite you to weigh carefully his comments on the Sacred Scriptures. There is no greater study than one can enter than the Word of the Almighty.

September 21, 1990

Tony Lawrence

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