This book would never have been produced except for the work, advice, study, and encouragement of my beloved wife, Rosalyn. She tirelessly read, questioned, discussed, and assisted in my effort to put into writing my explanation of the book of Romans. While she should not be held responsible for any errors of any nature, she must be counted deserving of credit. My gratitude toward her and her help not only relates to this book, but to her whole life, and her faith and strength.
      Tremendous thanks is also given to Tony Lawrence. Without his help I could never have set the type. Tony is a faithful gospel preacher, a friend, and skilled in the use of the computer. He patiently guided me, showing me how to operate my computer, and doing some of the necessary work himself. His assistance was beyond measure.
      To Ben Vick, another faithful gospel preacher, I express gratitude. Ben read the early manuscript while in its primitive form, made corrections, suggestions, and proved himself to be most useful to my effort.
      To each of these, let me say aloud, that whatever good this book may contribute, they share in it. I am thankful to God for such associates.

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