Murder By Abortion

James Boyd

An abortionist is a murderer. In both Old and New Testaments we are commanded, "Thou shalt not kill, " which means not to murder . God hates " hands that shed innocent blood. " (Proverbs 6: 16, 17) .That which is in the mother's womb is living, distinct from, even though dependent on, the mother. It is human, having life from the moment of conception, and possessing everything that a person shall

physically be. It is innocent, yet, is deliberately, JAMES w. BOYD wilfully, with premeditation and planning killed when aborted. What a confused society that demands protection of animals but can declare legal butthery, savagery, inhumanity, and cruelty that is involved in destroying the unborn child.

The Holy Spirit used the same word, "brephos," to identify both an unborn and a newborn child (Luke 1:41; 2:12). People show themselves arrogant and rebellious children of the devil to defy God and make void His Word.

Three to four thousand unborn children are murdered everyday in the abortion ~jmics of America. This is one of our most hideous moral evils. Our land should denounce this sin and return to civilized thinking.