Liberal Inconsistency

James Boyd

Liberals hate criticism, unless they are doing the criticizing. If you expose publicly the error they teach publicly they cry, “Foul.” (They contend we must come to them privately about it. That way they can ignore it.) But they are quick and ready to publicly criticize you for publicly criticizing their publicly taught error and feel no necessity to approach you privately first. Faithful brethren do not mind being “ ready to give answer,” but liberals must feel they are excluded from that. Let them publicly criticize whatever they wish. Faithful brethren won't cry. They do not have to come to us privately before they oppose publicly what we do publicly. But they ought to at least live by the rule they have concocted for others. But you hear them publicly criticizing others for publicly criticizing their publicly taught error, demanding they be approached privately, but feel no need to comply to their own rule. Inconsistency is a trademark of liberalism and liberals.